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“To LIVE is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

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Our 2020/2021 flip was designed with a neutral color palette to allow the new owners to customize it with their own furniture & decorations.  All new plumbing, kitchen, bathrooms and finished basement were all installed.  This home was so popular it was only on the market for one day!  We enjoyed making this home come back to its glory even during a global pandemic.


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It's always nice to see designs become a


Our clients, in order to create a larger kitchen, wanted to remove the existing non-compliant interior egress stairs from this three-story home & replace it with exterior stairs & deck.  We worked with the city of Boston, the contractor & our clients to come up with a solution on this non-conforming lot that satisfied all parties involved.  The homeowners got a beautiful deck without compromising parking & additional interior square footage.

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This project was spurred on by our clients desire to have a larger garage in order to house his lumber milling equipment. The home formerly attached to the barn of house up the street was used by the Groce Truck Factory in the 1850's. In 1870 the home was moved to it's current location & added on to.  We have been commissioned to design a connector between the new post & beam garage being built & the existing home.   It will house a new master bedroom suite & enlarge the petite existing kitchen.  This home was featured in a news article on March 29th, 2019 where the home owner received an award from the Historical Preservation Commission for the most restored home in the town of Norwell.

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This unique deck design was centered around entertaining.  The key feature being a fire pit located up on the lower deck.  The stairs to access the yard were designed in a waterfall style, in order to make the entrance to yard from the deck feel open and inviting.  Our client will definitely be hosting elegant summer gatherings for years to come.

For this project, we worked very closely with both the client and the contractors to create the backyard oasis that the client always dreamed of.  We coordinated with two different contractors in order to ensure the installation of the covered outdoor bar, hot tub, & remainder of the deck & landscaping all worked in conjunction with one another making the backyard seamless. 



Our first flip, was challenging.  Not only because it was the first "official" home we flipped but also because the entire basement had been gutted due to water damage.  The power to the entire house had been turned off which was required for the sump pump to keep the water out of the basement.  We replaced the entire heating & plumbing and most of the electrical.  Upon project completion, downstairs we provided a finished basement with a laundry room, bonus room & bathroom. All the lighting fixtures & door hardware was replaced to give the home a more modern feel. The flooring in the kitchen was updated with a modern white wash look plank tile & a stone hexagonal backslash was added to compliment the existing cabinets.


This project was for a fellow flipper!  We provided structural framing drawings for the new opening between the kitchen & dining room.  Our client also added an additional bedroom which was accounted for in our design.

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